Lawlessness Exposed

August 8, 2022

In this episode Chris Kuhlmann and Shaun Griffin discuss how lawlessness is manifesting in American culture and society. There are many areas of society experiencing the manifestation of lawlessness and we focus on five particular subjects that are currently assaulting the fabric of our country, tearing at our institutions across political, commercial, and spiritual lines. Lawlessness has a spiritual root and it has been unleashed across the globe.

As is common, Chris and Shaun discuss this subject from the perspectives of faith, politics, and commerce. Ultimately they expose the spiritual root of bondage and enslavement lawlessness inflects upon those who have embraced any item on this list as part of their lifestyle.

Lawlessness deceives, then enslaves. This is not an exhaustive list, but intense battles are apparent in these five issues.


  1. Abortion & Choice
  2. Gender Identity
  3. Gender Affirming Care
  4. Words & Silence are Violence
  5. Critical Race Theory



Hosts: Chris Kuhlmann and Shaun Griffin

Written by: Chris Kuhlmann

Produced by: Shaun Griffin

Music composed by JD Kuhlmann

Art: Shaun Griffin

Sound: Chris Kuhlmann and Shaun Griffin


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